Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions (4)

In this section you can find technical questions and answers.

Is the number of streams fixed?
Yes . Our only distinction and the best distinction compared to other restream providers is that the Stream number does not change in any way.
What is the uptime time of the streams?
Are there freezes and outages in the streams?
Are the streams local?

Popular articles (4)

In this section you can find popular questions and answers.

How can I register?
Are the Stream Quality Full HD or Ultra HD?
What is the minimum number of connection choices?
Can we increase or decrease the number of connections after purchase?
Yes . You can increase the number of connections after purchase or decrease it in the next month in the dedicated panel provided to you.

Payment Rules (5)

You can find questions about payment methods in this section.

What is the payment method?
You can pay through PayPal in the friend and family method, or if your PayPal does not have this option, you can contact the support department to create a direct payment link for you and send it to you, and then through that link to You can easily complete the payment.
Do you also accept digital currencies?
Is credit card one of the payment methods?
Is the purchase process automatic?