Below you can read information about how the restream team works.


In today's world, iptv has opened a different position among different sections of society. Many owners of iptv servers are looking for a suitable and reliable source so that they can prepare their restreams and put them on their panels and servers without any worries and provide them to their business easily and without any worries. Relying on the knowledge of their engineers, the experienced and expert restream team has succeeded in providing the owners of iptv servers with the best and highest quality restreams by using artificial intelligence. Our systems are based on artificial intelligence and have been programmed in a way that technically in emergency situations they can suffer the least damage to customers. For example, when a server is interrupted for any reason, all the streams of that server are transferred to the active servers in a calculated manner, and this action is also planned in such a way that there will be no disruption to the servers. A very simple example of how artificial intelligence works on servers is that when a server reaches its network bandwidth limit, several streams are automatically transferred to servers that have better network bandwidth. This process makes the streams always in the right state and always uptime and minimizes the disruption.